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One of the advantages of our Server Cloud service is the facility on demand. This means that customers only pay according to usage (pay as you go), both in number of resources are used and the duration of use. For example, if a customer's time requires resources RAM of 8 GB for 7 days, and then after that the resources of RAM back to a normal state, for example, 4 GB, then for excess usage customers are only charged for 7 days for the use of 8 GB, and charged normal 4 GB RAM usage for a period of normal time.

Start-Up Company
More oriented to the expenditure (OPEX) rather than investment (capex). Pay as you go concept fits perfectly with the company cash-flow policies.

Large Company (Enterprise)
who have a need for public servers, such as web server, mail server, instant messaging server, which is integrated with the public server internal server (hybrid cloud).

Mid-Size Company
the more growth-oriented core-business, so it's more like information technology business is outsourced to more competent party, including for the procurement of servers. Instead of buying multiple servers that will improve the cash-out, have a risk of failure, and reduce the ROI, the better the server needs is done by the rental process.

Company Specific Qualifications
Companies that have a need for data / image-processing highly volatile (in a time of need lots of resources, but at other times did not even need the resource, because there are no jobs). Examples of companies of animation (rendering), which needs very high billing-process at the end of the month, and others.

Terasys Excellence Cloud Server :

  • The cost is relatively affordable.
  • best Hexagrid Cloud virtualization technology that has been tested.
  • The need for a server can be presented in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy access through online control panel and open the AP.
  • DNS control easy.
  • Comprehensive Audit Log.
  • Can be full customization through root access.
  • Flexibility up-grade and down-grade resource in accordance load needs of the user.
  • There is no binding contract customer usage.
  • Data centers with ISO 27001 (security).
  • Choice of operating systems: Linux (Free) or Windows Server Family (with additional charge).
  • The user interface is easy via the web for the management and monitoring server.
  • Dashboard to view the status of your server.
  • Bandwidth for Cloud Servers at 1 Gbps to IIX and Internet (sharing).
  • Additional allocation of bandwidth dedicated to markups.
  • High Availability & Scallability (Full Redundancy).
  • Backup storage with automated daily data backup (3x per 24 hours).
  • Guaranteed RAM and hard drive space.
  • Technical support from the support team.

To view server status, capacity in use or to plan ahead, then you will be very helpful at all with views very representative of management dashboard upon login to the portal Cloud Server that you rent. Quick and easy is not it?

Currently we provide service-based infrastructure and cloud services platform that is ready for enterprise customers with facilities and features as follows:

Features Terasys Cloud Server

  • Inherent Business Channel Management.
  • Segregated Customer Access.
  • Role Based Access.
  • Service Provider Utilization Dashboards.
  • Customer Utilization Dashboards.
  • Completely Customizable Server Specs.
  • Web Based Management Console.
  • Self-Provision Networking.
  • API.
  • 24X7 Support.
  • Upload Your Own Server Images.
  • Clone Servers.
  • Manage Secure Multi Tiered Private Networks.
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs.

With Cloud Servers you will get what you want, whenever you want. Prepare and compile a new server, 4 units of Virtual Server Machine for production, get rid of one unit to another and create three new server unit, everything becomes very easy. You only have to pay the amount you use it!

Manage Service Cloud Server If you do not have the time or expertise to manage your cloud server, leave it to us to do so.

Managed Services Cloud Server Include:

  • Installation and configuration of operating systems and application of (certain).
  • Acting as the administrator of your company.
  • Maintenance and problem handling system (hardware and applications).
  • Backup the data periodically.
  • Monitoring and reporting.