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The development of the business world today shows a very rapid progress, so as to be able to compete and survive should take advantage of available production factors optimally. / Employment is one of the factors of production in the company. The greater the growth of a company, the more labor is required and more complicated. To deal with such matters in a company there are personnel specially tasked to deal with the problems of hiring employees, tariff setting salaries and wages to employees of job termination.

For determining the salaries of employees, companies need to consider the costs incurred with the benefits obtained, so that the amount of salary / wages of employees balanced with the level of experience, skills, education, labor laws and regulations. Issues contained in the personnel department, among others, regarding the internal control system, such as the working efficiency of employees and an error in the payment of salaries and wages.

Payroll problems is very important for classification / allocation of labor costs improperly influence the calculation of net income of the company. Handling the salaries and wages of employees to inaccurate and ineffective to cause unrest on the labor that ultimately will affect the smooth operation of the company. In this regard, the company is required to make a payroll system and wage policies were good.

Given the importance of the payroll system, then the system must be designed properly to provide adequate services for employees and can help provide information support for management in decision-making, can be a quality information that is presented in the form of a report. This needs to be supported by an information system capable of providing information quickly and accurately remember the payroll is one of the processes within the organization that are susceptible to the problem. Calculation errors or delays in payment of salaries is an example of the problems encountered in the payroll system.

"Terasys Payroll" is software designed and built to address and solve the problems as well as HR and payroll management system in your company. Such as payroll employees (reward, punishment, Formula payroll, overtime), the calculation of social security, tax calculation or pph21, employee loans and loan payments can be automatically and manually in the slaughtering, THR or other bonus calculations and the calculations for the other pieces.

Presentation of accounting and payroll report is done automatically and computerized so that to avoid mistakes, if done manually, so the presentation of the report of payroll can be performed quickly and accurately.

By using Terasys Payroll software, you will be given the ease of managing data is absent and counting business days, days of absence, sick days and days off, or the recording of employee loans, medical and others. Payroll Terasys programs can be developed to suit your needs, each company has its own rules in the payroll system. In addition to the Software is able to be connected to the engine so that the fingerprint attendance list does not need to be filled manually anymore

Payroll Terasys Features:

  • Manage Data or Profile Employees (start of the process of applying, employee data, etc.).
  • Manage payroll calculations and formulas for additions (like overtime, bonuses or allow and others) and the formula for the deduction (as late, sick pieces, pieces missing and others).
  • Download the data of employees and presence of machine attendance.
  • Security system for user access rights restrictions in the level of the insert, update, delete and reporting.
  • Payroll with multicurrency system for employees expart
  • The settings can be changed easily if one day there is a change and the process of calculating Social Security.
  • There are employee salaries checking module based formula.
  • The setting can be changed if there is a change and the calculation process pph21 (Netto, gross Up).
  • Loan System employees and for cutting loans.
  • Range can report daily, monthly, detailed report, and the summary report.
  • Amenities Advance Export Data: excel, pdf, txt, word, etc.
  • Payroll Terasys consists of 8 modules integrated program namely: Perekutan module, the module Officer, attendance module, payroll module, the tax module, the module 'social security, treatment modules and module loans.