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Whether it Terasys Cloud Storage?
Terasys Collaboration Cloud Storage is one of the products of innovative services with the model of "Software as a Service" which is delivered by Terasys. Previously you may never familiar with using the services of personal cloud-based storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. The service offers personal storage solutions within the cloud infrastructure through the application interfaces with limited features are easy to operate.

Indeed, there is little in common with personalized services that, however Terasys Cloud Storage is designed and is designed specifically for users in the organization of the company, with facilities created aims to facilitate the organization of resources of data by the IT administrator in the company's internal, but also improves user productivity through the use of collaboration features teams work that makes Terasys Cloud Storage as an appropriate solution to be implemented in your company organization.

Terasys benefits of Cloud Storage
In the era of today's business, the company's data is something of high value, such data must be maintained and managed by leveraging technology standards secured, stable, and allows users to leverage the use of such data.

Cost Efficiency
One of the ideas behind cloud storage services is to maximize the utilization of web-based computer application source browser and client software with cloud computing technology to the process behind them. With cloud computing basis of this that the user does not need to bother thinking hardware infrastructure resources that will be used, where to build it in-house would cost not a few, not to mention other costs behind such operating costs, human resources, maintenance, electricity costs, overhead costs, bandwidth connections, VPN, software license, and others.

The bottom line is the live determines how much is used and how the costs will be paid each month / per year if it adopted this service. This model has become an attractive option and are gradually increasing their use among users of the company, with this model the company can change the investment costs of procurement and operational value is great with just enough of it as operating costs alone, in other words it means it has to convert CAPEX into Opex. For companies, this model is quite beneficial because it would increase the ROI (return on investment) and launched an internal financial cash- flow.

Flexibility in Adding Capacity
With cloud storage you do not need to do a computer server procurement process that takes a lot of cost and time. Simply by doing self-provisioning in minutes it needs the data storage capacity that you want, following management features have been prepared for internal use by the user at your company.

Ease of User Management & Monitoring
Process monitoring and user management will be much easier for all connected with a web portal managed by the administrator. You just login and go to the admin group to determine the status of user-friendly to you, from creating a new user, manage storage capacity for each user, including the determination of priveledge her, remove users who have already resigned, to install client software to be very easy , due to automation-tool for doing so have been provided.

Improving Availability and Data Availability
Cloud system on the cloud provider is usually made with a high-availability design. That is, the system is at a data center that ensures the availability of electricity, air conditioning, and other supporting facilities that guarantee maximum work for 24 hours continuously. Also from the device, fully obligatory redundancy, because this is a basic feature-features of the cloud. This makes your server into its greater availability than if placed in your own locations. Addition of cloud storage system also uses auto-backup facilities, so your data is not lost when the crash occurred on your storage system.

IT practitioners will Concentration in Development
Survey says 80% of work time IT department (Information Technology), a company spent on operations and maintenance. Only 20% of the total time that is used for the development of IT companies. Though ideally the opposite is true, because IT functions for the company is to support the business development of the company. Many examples of successful companies from the application of appropriate IT and provide a competitive advantage. With the service's cloud storage service, then most of the operation and maintenance server has been transferred, so there is more time for the IT department to undertake other development activities. This is another benefit gained are difficult to measure in financial shape.

In the Remote Access without VPN Connections
With Cloud Storage service Terasys then create unlimited business data stored in one location. You can access it from anywhere in the world and anytime. Your data will be protected secure and available at all times. All you need is an Internet connection, a user ID and password without having to bother with complex VPN configuration if you build your own resource.

Data Center Facility Terasys Cloud Storage
Server Service Terasys Cloud Storage placed on the Data Center Hurricane Electric's highly secure facilities and the support of the best technology world class, we chose Hurricane Electric for Data Center was included in the ranking of the top 10 with the network internet in the world, the protection of redundant power supplies, redundant network connections, 24 x 7 security surveillance, and redundant hardware best servers and storage systems.

Cloud Storage Terasys have a virtual network with unlimited bandwidth and high-end devices use a very powerful server to support cloud computing technology, it has become our standard so that we can provide the best service to our customers many users. Web portal we have high security standards as well as support scalable network designs that we have prepared in our draft blueprint.

Our network operations team will monitor the system performance which runs in real time, our email and telephone support is also available every day for handling the problems of our customers.

The entire hardware devices that we use, including network devices, web servers, database servers, and storage system all have full redundant mechanism, thus negating the crash of the system that we deliver to the user. Terasys Cloud Storage implementing best safety standards on the scope of the service industry. We take measurable steps to ensure our customers' data security and privacy is always maintained. The safety standards that we apply a standard reference to HIPAA, SAS 70 and ISO 27001.

Application Security
By default, the file is uploaded to Cloud Storage Terasys account will be gated. Although hackers can access your URLs, but they can not access the files / folders as they are unable to connect to the web page of your portal. You can to share or publish files / folders and specified using different access rights for different user types.

Access Control
We commissioned an operational team can access our server and user account customers. But without demand from their own customers are not given the authority to access the customer's account. Tim monitoring system network and we will continue to monitor into the system to search for suspicious activity.

By default if you do Sign Up create a new account in our service, all your files are private, without the logon information that you have then no one can access your files. We did not do a screening for your private content, unless we indicated the existence of suspicious activity,

Transfer Network Security
By default Terasys Cloud Storage using a standard 128-bit SSL security standard similar to that applied by the banking industry to transfer sensitive data, with the standard that no one could perform the interception of the communications activity data. Files are transferred also uses HTTPS or FTP over SSL for its communications protocols.

Encrypted Folder - Secure Storage
For data that requires a degree of privacy and security is higher, then we provide support with the facility "Encrypted Folder" and "Backup with Encryption". Your files will be encrypted locally before the files are uploaded to the cloud system. Without using the encryption key that only you have and know that no one, including our operational teams or even hackers though able to open and read the file you are.

Features Terasys Cloud Storage
Terasys Cloud Storage is equipped with the best features which are designed to answer the needs of users among the company's organization, fitu-of these features include:

1. Access Log
Using the login User Name and Password with 3 choices available online at:

2. Web Portal
General users can access Cloud Storage Terasys into the system via a web portal

3. WebDAV Mapping
For users who are accustomed to using Windows, then access via WebDAV method of mapping this network becomes an option, where folders / files in cloud storage will be displayed as an image in a tree windows computer users.

Client Software
Terasys client software into a powerful option when users want to access with better speed, client software is specifically created to enhance user accessibility to the stored data. Client software can be downloaded and installed by the user freely, consisting of: Terasys File Explorer, Terasys Email Backup and Online Backup Terasys. One of the advantages using File Explorer client software is the ease of the user in moving the folder / file, simply just a click and drag it, whether it is from a local computer data to remote cloud or vice versa.

File Sharing
Sharing files become very easy, fast, and secure. You can share thousands of files in the size of gigabytes of data with just a few clicks away. You can share your files in a way that is much more convenient and powerful than if you use email or USB drive. By sharing a folder / file, you can do 2-way sharing and collaborating group. Users in the group not only can download files from shared folders that you create, but also can upload / edit / delete files in the folder that you share as long as you give authority to the user to do so.

Publish File
With file publish feature, you not only can publish, but also to stream, download files, large files, coupled with the facilities photo gallery, photo preview, categories of content to showcase the content you want to publish.

Do you want to provide a URL for anyone to be able to download your file? link an image of your business web page is not difficult because everything is made to be so easy.

Folder / File Synchronize
Folder synchronization make local folders and remote folders both contain the same content. Client Software File Explorer Terasys serves to synchronize the two folders, local and remote storage; multiple PCs; and multiple users. Your folder will be automatically synchronized mirroring. Make sure you have installed Terasys File Explorer. To synchronize folders, you logon first into the File Explorer, select a folder / file, and click "Synchronize".

Email Tools & Backup Email
The email feature to be one of the security features that can be utilized, administrartor can set up email domain business domain to which the user at the time of 'create new account', create an email alias, safe and block senders, administrative rules, etc., the user can use this facility as the email client tools he used, including for sending emails with attachments of large files using business email domain (by default Terasys give 1 domain email with name, simply by logging into the web portal affairs open and send emails to be very easily anywhere and anytime, especially coupled with backup facilities contained within the email client software Terasys email backup, email data job or your business will be protected.

Online Backup with Data Encryption Options
With Terasys Online Backup client software, your data is always safe, disk crash, virus attack, the notebook is stolen, the data is deleted by accident, earthquake or fire disaster? No problem. All your data will be safely protected within our data center services that have a high level of security! and Me- you can restore all the data it again at any time. You can backup your data files to the time that you set yourself, or you can do it in real time with immediate effect.

You can create as many backup task for backing up multiple folders at different times as you schedule each coupled with a choice of backup data encryption with a key to unlock the encryption password and only you alone know. Each time the backup process will continue regularly scheduled run, the backup process will only update files that you edit / change and the addition of new files that you create, it will greatly save time and storage capacity that is registered with your account.

Admin Group Management
By Admin Group feature, IT administrators can manage users on the internal user, create a new user account, add storage capacity, remove users, setting up user authority, etc. to be so fast, easy, and fun.

Subscription process
We are aware that business IT services and SAAS based Cloud IAAS are the long-term trust business. Therefore we do not play in managing our customer accounts, quality of service and safety standards become prerequisite us to win that trust. We also do not want to sell the service before you try for yourself how the performance and quality of the "Self Experience" you. For that before subscribing, it helps if you try it out first. We provide a 14-day trial period both for the trial Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage us. You can create a trial account and afterwards we will set-up the maximum number of users as well as the data storage capacity as you requested, then the login ID and password then you are ready to begin the adventure in Terasys Cloud Storage.

A few days before the free trial ends, the Account Manager will confirm whether you want to proceed to the subscription phase or not. If so, then you will be asked to confirm the subscription, then we will activate your account become a paid subscriber.

You will get the capacity of the cloud server resource system according our policy and if it has subscribed you can downgrade or upgrade the resource whenever you want, while for cloud storage so its trial capacity you can use to share with the number of users that you manage. This large storage capacity you can define yourself according to the amount of data storage needs you have planned. If at any time you need it turns out less, then you can perform an upgrade request to the data storage capacity greater.