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Business follows the software, or software that must follow the business? ERP System can be easily and inexpensively customized to suit your business due to its own source code, coupled with our developer support team that is always ready to support your needs.

Web Based
Desktop technology is outdated. Cloud ERP Software System is categorized as having brought the web-based models that can be adapted via Private Cloud technology. With the concept of Cloud Software and implementation of Private Cloud, you can connect securely from anywhere you are using any device.

Instantly Running
Through integration with the Private Cloud system in less than 3 months can be running your company is already using the ERP System. Users employee as the user no longer need to install any software, do not need to buy a Windows license, also do not need to buy a new PC and server procurement costs that much.

Simple & Elegant
ERP System is designed using best-practice web interface, so anyone who are used to using the Internet will be immediately familiar with the ERP system, as well as providing direct help content on its pages.

ERP System is the Application Software ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that integrates the company's overall business processes, including operational data production to inventory, accounts payable / receivable, finance, to HR management. The benefit is in addition to accelerating business processes, as well as facilitate access to information and reports on all lines of the company, and not directly target the standardized enterprise operational.

We are different! ERP System are the sons and daughters of Indonesia-made designed reliable and easy to use, open source-based platform, can be customized based on user needs so that the total cost (TCO) whole system is so affordable. Suitable for use in the company of manufacturing and distribution Medium scale Enterprise with many branches that are spread throughout the city.

ERP systems that we offer both models On Premise (installed in the internal server at user locations) and use the services of our private cloud servers that can be rented by the user company.

Our ERP System delivers web-based applications using PHP and Ruby on Rails, the resulting product can be used and exploited by various types of companies, we also have created a world-class process development project contained in the SOP and business process mapped. Quality audit also includes code quality, performance testing using NewRelic and YSlow, cross-browser compatibility testing, test behavior and automatically code, scalable server system with user demand, control code repository, and so on.

Private Cloud Ready
We recommend this ERP application using the server private cloud services that can be customized quickly as needed because it is supported by the experience of our development team. ERP User Interface System also brings a simple and elegant user to enable customers to implement it in less than 3 months.

ERP expensive price may be a major factor that affects you not to use in your company, or perhaps because of the complexity, nonconformity, or a long period of implementation, or it could be because you are not sure of the investment in a software as operational support that makes sense. ERP System is not only offered at affordable prices but also dare to provide for usernya Free Trial! You also can try to get the user experience without risk through Free Trial program that we provide this.