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Terasys Hotel is a hotel software, computer programs (hotel software) aims to help the hotel management in hotel activity. The activity is a reservation (reservation), receiving guests (registration, check-in), a billing record (guest folio), a payment (billing systems, guest payment), etc. With this system the expected guests get better service (good of service), able to reduce costs significantly, able to improve enterprise performance and capture customer loyalty more, so it will have a positive impact also on the increase in profit / profit companies.

The data stream generated by the system can be divided into three categories:

  • The top level to the needs of top managers. The need for data / information is long-term, very uncertain, environmental, planning and wisdom and in the form of concise reports.
  • Mid-level to midle manager. The need for data / information medium-term, relatively more certain, organizational, policy implementation and tactical planning, relatively detailed report.
  • Down to lower-level managers. The need for data / information in the short-term, a little uncertain, departmental, implementation and maintenance of the daily activities, a detailed report.

The scope of a hotel management system is very broad, depending on the completeness of features provided by the program. Completeness itself highly dependent on the type / kind of hotel and hospitality organizational structure. Hotel management system must be able to handle the job:

  • In the division room (room devision), especially the front office (front office) and section housekeeping (housekeeping).
  • In the accounting division (accounting devision) for all the accounting
  • In the division of the restaurants and bars (bar and restourant division).
  • In the marketing department (marketing devision).
  • In the division of technicians and equipment (engginering division).

With advances in technology, a system can be interfaced with other hardware devices (hardware) such as surveillance cameras (spy camera) and stores the data in the database for archiving data to satisfy a public keamaan if one is required. By linking with automated key management system using cards (smart cards, optical cards, etc.) then a more assured security and supervision of the guests out (check-in or check-out) can be well controlled. By linking the use of mobile phones (mobile phones), then the prospective guests can reserve a room by using the facility to send short messages (SMS, sort mesagge system). The purpose of integrating the tools above and other tools further add to the complexity of a system of management.

Module Terasys Hotel is as follows:

  • Front Office
    • Quick Information - Menu to view statistical information condition of the hotel at the time.
    • Reservation - menu used to register / register guests who booked a room and used to provide information about the guest list who have signed up / registration. In addition to add, modify and delete data, is also equipped with several sub-menus such as Duplicate, Wait List Reservation Cancel Reservation, Check In, Assign Room, Deposit, Mesagge, Total Stay and Set Flag.
    • Group Reservation - used to handle reservations and a group of government agencies
    • Group Check-In - used to process data for guest check-in group that has made a reservation
    • Walk In - used to deal with guests who come directly without a reservation and check-in directly.
    • Desk Folio - menu is used to post the transactions made for the hotel guest or non-guest room.
    • Availability Rooms - This menu is used to view information about the number of available rooms, out order, reservation, check-in, expected arrival, occupancy, expected departur, and check-out for a few days.
    • Available Room - used to view a list of rooms in total which provide information guests will check-out, the rooms were out of order, occupancy, reservation in the next few days in the form of a table or grid
    • Quick Room- Had dengna function untu available room but only one day on the date of the audit date.
    • In House - used to display information that is in the guest rooms. Also used to make the check out process, check out / hold, a transaction posting, switch room, move room, transfer transactions and so forth
    • Profile - used to view and store information about the guest or guest both individual, group, company, agent and other sources.
    • Event List - Menu that is used to process the data regarding the events that occurred at the hotel
    • Guest History - This menu is used to view the guest history data
    • Lost and Found - menu is used to enter data that is lost or found
    • F & B Transaction - This module is used to handle transactions that occur on the F & B department to handle transactions that occur as room service, coffee shop, banqet, F & B and other transactions.
    • General Cashier - This menu is used to view transactions that are still active in all outlets.
  • Back Office
    • Autopost Transaction - This menu is used to process the transaction which is set daily charge which is done automatically as room charges, tax, and consulting services and other transactions.
    • House Keeping - the menu is used by part of house keeping to monitor the condition of the rooms and change room status, and history of the room.
    • Dayend Close or night audit is used to process the daily cap system, check the guest's bill, bill open balance, reservation, expected departure and post daily journals. Close Dayend also serves to check errors transaction, that transaction has not been resolved, give a warning or error message for the transaction, and to prepare the system for the next day transactions carried out by the night auditor.
    • Global Posting- used for transaction posting certain items that global quickly.
    • Company used to enter customer data to the company.
    • Travel Agents used to enter data on the travel customer who cooperate with the hotel.
    • Report used to print the report Hotel, daily, monthly, yearly, and so partial and overall.